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June 10, 2009

Dear Lenne,

Happy birthday!!! Now you’re old enough to buy beer, watch M18 movies, and enter clubs with your own IC. Okay, here are a few pictures of your favourite model to get you through the dreadful class we’re having later :(




FrejaBehaErichsenbySolveSundsboforVFreja Beha for Vogue Nippon July 2009
Photography by
Sølve Sundsbø


LooVee at Esplanade Flipside

June 6, 2009

What started out as a toliet trip to the Esplande last Friday had my friends and me sidetracked when we walked over from the Merlion Park. We stopped to watch a Japanese band, LooVee, perform at the outdoor theatre.


We ended up staying for the later half of their performance. And I ended up going to all three nights of their performance. I dragged lenne along to the last night of their performance. I’m a converted fangirl of theirs now :D

The singer, P-s, danced unabashedly to their songs. He’s so cute <3

Grappa, a member of the band, taught the audience some dance moves that look like stretching exercise.

Guitarist2The guitarist ran off stage only to return later in costume



Ps3The band changed to t-shirts printed with alphabets spelling out Singapore. Such a crowd pleaser :)

PsL is for LooVee!



comicstrip&PsLooVee collaborated with local band, Comic Strip, in the second half.

groupphoto2The members posing with fans

Video and photos without watermark are kindly provided by our friend, Jeremy. Thanks Jem! If you are free on the weekend, do drop by Esplanade to catch free performances from Flipside. The programme lineup can be found here.

resort 2010: part II

June 5, 2009

hi, i’m still dying at home.

anyway, more resort 2010 for you!
I’m not a fan of resort collections, but I do love the fact that I can imagine the pieces being worn in bloody sunny Singapore.

Helmut Lang is making me happy.

However, the weird denim thing is not making me happy. It reminds me of my own mouldy, algae-like hair. Mebbe the clothes will match my hair!


Speaking of bones, Rag & Bone isn’t spectacular this season.
The look is so bloody common nowadays and Rag & Bone didn’t really have anything new to offer.
Nevertheless, the styling is amazing and I would love to own some of these pieces.

I was looking forward to Alexander Wang, but I feel disappointed.
The two looks above are the only two that i really like.
The second piece looks like something I can make too, how tempting.
(I just realised that they’re both black, and showered with zips, HAHA. How typical of me.)

resort 2010

June 3, 2009

I’m stuck at home today ):
I’ve been looking at the resort collections for the past hour lol, shoot me now.

(stolen from:

Not a fan, but i love the jackets.
It’s probably my favourite resort collection so far, but ironically, it doesn’t really feel like a resort collection to me.

Erdem seems to be inspired by Japan.

There’s nothing in particular that makes me drop my jaw in awe. ):
That is all.

seeing double.

June 2, 2009


It’s not very clear, but i didn’t bother taking a proper photo of my bag. (I desaturated the photo in an attempt to reduce the noise, hur.) I bought this from Charles and Keith a few weeks before AFF.

Guess what i saw on Park & Cube?


The two bags are exactly the same. With the exception of the color (obviously) and the zippers, maybe. They even have the same side details!

I know it’s kind of stereotypical of me to assume that C&K stole the design from Public Beware, despite how I bought it so long ago. Oh i don’t know. Does anyone know if the design is a ripoff from a designer of something?

In other news, I think I found this model in an editorial in the June issue of Style.
I’ll get scans/take photos of it or something, haha!

Anglomania: end

May 31, 2009

It was so lovely and playful with models skipping out in pairs to a Chinese oldie. Lenne’s digital camera chose an opportune moment to die at the end of Vivienne Westwood show.


May 27, 2009

I’m looking at old photos of FW 07, and i think i beautified them in my memory! HAHA.
Maybe it’s one of those, “Oh last season was better” things. But I doubt they are. Not all of the time anyway.

However, I do like:

from Ann Demeulemeester’s fall collection. (Yes, i copy+pasted her name.)

The collection was kinda creepy/eerie sort of beautiful but i can’t decide if i like it or not. :/

I’m in the mood to destroy/mutilate/diy my clothes (cause of all the stress school is providing in heaps).
I also feel like making/painting/printing something to wear!
There’s nothing that catches my eye when I go out shopping nowadays! ):
I’m going to grow fat in my chair from online shopping very, very soon.
Well, thank god for school cause it pries me away from the comp and forces me to climb up the hill to attend classes.

More AFF photos, specifically the ones of Gareth Pugh and Vivenne Westwood’s show very soon!
I’m sorry I took so long to process them! I’m actually pretty pleased with some of my shots of the runway for Anglomania!
We might post some of Blackmarket, if i don’t feel too lazy to edit the photos.

Back to real life.