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Opening of Uniqlo Singapore!

April 11, 2009

Sorry for the late post! I was busy being a Guitar Hero(ine).
Anyway, we went to Uniqlo‘s opening at Tampines One on 9th April. If you don’t know what Uniqlo is, the official site describes it as “Japan’s number one casual wear brand[.] Uniqlo provides customers with true excellence and innovation in casual wear, from the design and functionality to the fit and color.

I actually found the place by heading towards to most crowded area on the second level. I must say that I’m very, very impressed by Uniqlo’s marketing! The MRT advertisements and amusing mailing list definitely caught my attention. First of all, I must apologise for my event photography skills of fail. Heels are not fun to shoot in. ):

We were quite amazed by the long line that snaked all the way to the toilets! Kudos to the staff though, cause it wasn’t much of a wait! Everything felt organized and under control. I can’t say the same for the people who came after us though. Cause when we came out, the queue was like…

I think you get the idea.

This is what the store looks like!

Can you spot (what I suspect is) the main attraction for a lot of Singaporeans?

Speaking of Singaporeans, I’m fascinated by how they never stop fascinating me. Honestly. I don’t know if this is a sign of how well the Uniqlo management knows us, or if it’s pure coincidence.

socksThese (socks, by the way) were left totally untouched while…

slippersWe saw people going through these excitedly.

slippers0$4.90 offer + flip flops = definite sales?

Hmmm. Back to what interests Dear Ophelia– the apparel! I fell in love with the denim (the colors!! the colors!!) while Huishan fell in love with the blazers! I decided not to post any photos of the denim cause you get a much better view here. Some of their blazers also came with badges reminiscent of Japanese uniforms! Very cute.


The blazers, while being the most pricey of the lot, are priced at SGD $99.90. I find that someeeeewhat reasonable for a Japanese casual wear brand.

Uniqlo offers a delightfully wide range of products. From umbrellas to belts to flip flops to sandals to plain shirts to skirts to sunglasses. AND more. I don’t really like the sandals though. They remind me of Crocs. I don’t like Crocs.

crocsumbrellasglassesWhy did I put a white border around all the photos again?

Anyway, Huishan decided to get a shirt, and the queue to the counter was insane!! It snaked all the way to the entrance. Seriously. No photos cause my lens isn’t wide enough! And the queue blended into the crowd because that’s how far back it went! Once again, the queue was very organized and I’m really impressed by the staff! Randomly, Japanese women must be tiny, cause the L sizes on the shirts seemed like a small M.


In all honesty, despite all the things we did love about Uniqlo, Huishan and I were rather disappointed by what we saw. Maybe it’s the hype, maybe it’s the way the shop was overflowing with people. The prints on the shirts didn’t deviate from the ones on the catalogue, but somehow it just didn’t look as.. appealing in real life. Or maybe the idea of all these people wearing that same shirt killed my interest. Maybe we expected too much. I’m not saying that the products were bad, or poor. It just wasn’t interesting. I guess their marketing gimmicks were more exciting than the real thing.

Highlights of the Day!

photogWe met Mr Aundry (did I get that right?) in the store. He crept up in front of us while we were browsing at the sales rack, and requested us to pose with the Uniqlo brochures for him. Huishan thinks that my hair attracted him :D


I don’t like the baskets but oh well, too bad! What can I do anyway?

We overheard this lady (not photographed!) the moment we entered the store and.. I guess the way she said it just cracked us up. We were practically waiting for her to flick her hair!

boobSM, who went to Uniqlo with us, really liked the padding in these.

huishanHuishan in her new Uniqlo top! (I love this candid shot by the way! HAHA.)

lenneLenne being green with envy.

And this concludes our Uniqlo adventure!
I can’t wait for the Jil Sander X Uniqlo collaboration. Hopefully they’ll bring it to Singapore! :D
pamphletxoxo, Lenne.

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  1. April 12, 2009 6:47 am

    prepare for onslaught of 1001 people wearing this in orchard

  2. jeff permalink
    April 13, 2009 9:56 am

    remember to check out and stand to win trips to Japan and shopping vouchers and Uniqlo collectibles.

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