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April 3, 2009

I was at Page One the other day with my friends who immediately dragged me to the Design corner. After going through a million or so books on Japanese advertisements/photography, I found my attention wandering and decided to head over to the Fashion corner. Among other lovely things I found, (such as a volume filled with nothing but closeups of Vivenne Westwood shoes) I found a book on Fashion Photography. It showed you gorgeous editorials- and how the lighting was done. The photographer wannabe in me fangasmed, spazzed, and died.

The photography that left the strongest impression on me was something I saw last year: A(n absolutely breathtaking) Sølve Sundsbø editorial for V magazine. Polina Kouklina is the beautiful face of these photos by the way. Everytime I see these photos, I find them so beautiful, so surreal. Don’t you love how ethereal she looks in these? I went home digging foto_decadent for the photos, and I decided to share them with you today.

[credits: foto_decadent]

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