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spring 2010: ready to wear

September 13, 2009

prabal gurung2010 sounds so awfully modern.

I adore quite a number of Prabal Gurung‘s pieces this season!
Amazing doughnut sleeve dress is amazing.

Fans of Bodycon dresses should take a look at Cushnie et Ochs.

Organic is very… organic. And perhaps a little boring.

I have mixed feelings towards Ruffian. I’m not really feeling the fabrics and prints.

I’ll post up interesting collections if i see any!


September 8, 2009

We’ll eat your brains. Where did you get the idea that undead creatures eat plants, anyway?

A supposed-to-be-really-brief post about what I’ve been up to!

Lady From Mars: My Photoblog which I update semi-regularly.
Lookbook: I found myself invited so why not LOL.


This piece was designed and acid washed by me!
Lots of ways to wear it but there’s a button missing so I can’t do any of those wonderful things yet. :x
It was a hideous turquoise blue, and since it cannot get any uglier than its original condition, I decided to have “fun” with the bleach.

lulzbookDestroyer of Universes… and denim.

I acid-washed this pair by myself too! DIY WOOT.
I’m really pleased with how it turned out! :DD
Bag on the left of the image belonged to my mother. She says my dad actually got it made for her or soooomething romantic la. Apparently she doesn’t care.

As you can see, I sliced the jeans and nearly my finger.
I might have overdone it but I’m not very worried cause I can always transform them into shorts. 8D

The amount of bleach i exposed myself to (cause I was doing two pairs at the same time, the other one needs MOAR bleach), gifted me with sore eyes! Bloody splendid.

Not the anime Bleach.
…just so you know.


August 28, 2009

hype has a new look.



I like the layout and content of this new issue. In particular, this fashion spread.




I’m smitten with this coil armour blouse that both models wore. It’s from I never promised you a rose garden. It makes a great layering piece, but it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Heh.



Sorry we’ve been away for such a long time. It’s the holidays for us now! We’ll be back with more posts soon :)

you are my sweetest downfall.

June 24, 2009

Sorry for the insanely long hiatus, both me and Huishan were attempting to enjoy our holidays!

Anyway i caught the flu bug a couple of days ago and i’ve been home doing my assignments (wtf, mate?)
I really want to do DIY stuff but it’s only happening in my head.

I can’t think of any projects that I’d really want to work on to be honest, and everytime i say DIY i end up sewing a garment from scratch, then i proceed to curse and swear my head off, wondering why I did this in the first place. ):

So in the whole DIY mood, i realised that i’ve (or actually, Huishan) only posted one photo of the dress I made for AFF Day 2! Obviously i’m proud of it since no one could tell it was home made~ :DDDDDD /ego

Today, I shall spam all of you with work in progress photos and what have you. :D
..but it appears that I only have one wip shot. :/

Photo023Cute bedsheet, y/y?
Anyway i took this with my phone. D: The shiny thing on the left hand side of the photo is a needle, lol.

Photo071On the morning of AFF, in my parent’s room.

I think the whole dress was produced in around 48 hours or something? I only finished at 2am that day! It was horrible. I would’ve liked to sleep more.

lenne-backBack view photo taken after the event~

All things considered, i guess it turned out pretty well!
DIY suggestions, anyone?


June 15, 2009

Remember this?

Here are scans from the June 2009 issue of Style that we promised you! Thank you Huishan for (killing your issue of Style?) to scan them!


If i recall correctly, her name is Jeanne and she’s with Ave.
Back to editing photos. ):

Weekend art

June 12, 2009

Here are some free performances to check out for the weekend.

1. Singapore Arts Festival Closing Ceremony

Crackers? by The World Famous


Crackers? combines fireworks, projection, performance and music. Performed ‘in the round’, with the audience surrounded by fire & smoke, spinning wheels and fireworks.

Singaporeans love fireworks, don’t we :D

13 – 14 June, 8pm
Yishun Open Field behind Yishun Bus Interchange
45 mins

2. Esplanade Presents flipside – A Silent Couple in Humourous White
by Sivouplait

A hilarious miming duo from Japan

12 – 14 June
Esplande Concourse
7.15 – 7.45pm, 9 – 9.20pm

3. Esplande Presents flipside – Shake, Rattle, Rock & Roll!
by Oh! Brothers and The Pinholes

Oh! Brothers is a rock ‘n’ roll band from Korea. They performed in the 2006 Mosaic Music Festival, and they’re back in Singapore again!

12 & 13 June
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Fri: 7.30-8.15pm: The Pinholes
8.45- 9.30pm: Oh! Brothers
10-10.45pm: The Pinholes
7.30-8.15pm: Oh! Brothers
8.45- 9.30pm: Oh! Brothers

Complex Geometries

June 10, 2009

At the risk of sounding cliched, I feel the one thing that can never go out of style is a good white tee – in different styles and materials.

Complex Geometries collaborated with Tommy from Jak & Jil for The White Tee Project – a series of versatile white tees.





complexgeometries10This is my favourite. Simply stunning!

And here’s Camille from Childhood flames wearing a Complex Geometries tank.white3

Do check out Complex Geometries website. I found some pretty rad pieces from their AW09 collection.



Thank god the weekend is near! Our measly two weeks break is just a few days away! :D More posts will be coming soon when we are free from school!